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Alberta Dance Theatre (formally Children in Dance) was founded in 1979 by Gayda Errett and Eleanor Laishley. The first year's performance was an interpretation of three nursery rhymes. That year, the cast was composed of 18 dancers and performances were held in local libraries.

Since the first show in 1980, the cast has grown to include over 50 members with shows held in professional theatres in both Calgary and Lethbridge. The creative visions of the artistic directors have provided a variety of wonderful performances ranging from adaptations of traditional stories to completely original productions, aimed at audiences of all ages. 
With continued growth, ADT has become integral to the Alberta arts community and continues to provide unique opportunities for young performers and quality family entertainment.

If you are a Children in Dance or Alberta Dance Theatre alumnus, please get in touch to be added to our alumni contacts.
2023   The Secret Starling - Jessalyn Britton and Alicia Ward
2022   SNEAKS - Jessalyn Britton and Alicia Ward
2021   Circus Mirandus - Jessalyn Britton and Alicia Ward 
2020   Deck the Halls - Jessalyn Britton and Alicia Ward

2019   The Enchanted Toy Shop - Jessalyn Britton and Alicia Ward
2018   The League of Monsters - Jennifer Mahood 
2017   An Impossible Question Means a Journey - Jennifer Mahood 
2016   Curious George - Mark Eriksen
2015   Tales of the Brothers Grimm - Deanne Walsh
2014   The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Deanne Walsh
2013   Never Never Land - Deanne Walsh
2012   Frightmare Before Christmas - Christie Preston & Alison Bryan
2011   Charlie & The Chocolate Factory - Christie Preston
2010   Alice in Wonderland - Christie Preston
2009   The Jungle Book - Jason Stroh & Christie Preston
2008   Fairy Tale Fiascos - Jason Stroh & Christie Preston
2006   James and the Giant Peach - Emily Forrest
2005   Lost in Space  - Emily Forrest
2004   Voyage of the Dawn Treader from the Chronicles of Narnia  - Emily Forrest
2003   Twas the Night Before Christmas - Emily Forrest
2002   Writes of Passage - Emily Forrest
2001   Redwall: Adventures of Martin the Warrior - Emily Forrest
2000   The Visit of the Sea Queen - Emily Forrest
1999   James and the Giant Peach - Emily Forrest
1998   Twas the Night Before Christmas - Emily Forrest
1997   Alice's Adventure Through 'The Looking Glass' - Emily Forrest
1995   Anatomy: The Heartbeat Adventures of Every Body - Barbara Lisek
1994   The Mystical Wheel - Joanne Birtz
1993   The Nut Cracks - Nicole Mion
1992   Munsch Moves - Nicole Mion
1991   Jungle Book - Nicole Mion
1990   Spindizzy - Nicole Mion
1989   The Raven Steals the Light - Nicole Mion
1988   Stories from the Golden Box - Judith Maxwell
1987   Simply Child's Play - Judith Maxwell
1986   Once Upon Our Land - Susan Maitland
1985   Alice in Wonderland - Shirley Murray
1984   4 + 1 Dance is Fun & the Magic Stones - Shirley Murray
1983   How the Birds Got Their Colors & the Enchanted Drum - Shirley Murray
1982   Ting-A Ling & the 5 Magicians - Shirley Murray
1981   Rainbow Goblins - Gayda Errett
1980   3 Nursery Rhymes - Gayda Errett
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