ADT provides performance and creation experiences
for youth ages 7-17.

Join ADT!

Each spring, Alberta Dance Theatre holds open call auditions inviting dancers from around the city of Calgary to join the ADT company. If you are interested in joining ADT, we'd love to invite you to see our production of The Enchanted Toy Shop for Free! Please contact Alicia Ward:
If you have any questions about whether it's the right time for your young dancer to join Alberta Dance Theatre, please contact us! We'll help you understand what to expect!
We strongly recommend that dancer's continue weekly classes at their dance studio while participating in the ADT season. We are a fantastic performance opportunity but not a training program.
The Process
ADT rehearsals generally start the second week of September and run Sundays 10:30am – 3pm with additional Saturday rehearsals starting in November from 4 – 6.30pm.
During show week, youth artists are  required every evening and they will miss some school (for field trip shows).  Show week is generally the last week of November or the first week of December (subject to change).
During our 12-week process, ADT youth artists participate in our annual Weekend Intensive. The Weekend Intensive is an out- -of-town weekend away with the company where youth artists create and dance in an inspiring environment. The Weekend Intensive usually occurs Friday through Sunday the week following Thanksgiving. The Weekend Intensive is included in ADT fees.
ADT membership benefits
  • Creating and rehearsing dances under the direction of professional choreographers
  • Show week in a professional theatre with professional technical crew
  • Professionally designed original music and lighting design
  • 4-8 performance opportunities
  • Weekend Intensive - all inclusive
  • 2 off-season workshops
  • Show t-shirt, show video link, cast photo
  • ALL performance costumes included (all costumes will remain property of ADT)
  • Cast Party (additional meals for family will be made available for a small fee)
Parent Commitment
Parents are required to serve on a Committee and attend all meetings designated by the Committee Head. Typical parents commit to 40-60 volunteer hours over the season. Parents produce props and costumes, and also organize cast events, and fundraising. This enables ADT to produce a high caliber production, while keeping costs down. Please note, 2 – 3 backstage shifts are required as part of the overall parent commitment.  Parents must volunteer for a fundraising casino which happens every 18 months.
ADT is a not-for-profit organization. ADT receives funding from government funding bodies, private donors, corporate sponsors, fundraising, and membership fees. Member fees cover 1/3 of the cost associated with the ADT experience. 
Member Fee: $700 / youth artist   
  • $350 nonrefundable deposit due June 9, 2019 (June Workshop) or at time of registration
  • $350 due September 8, 2019 (First Rehearsal)   
Fundraiser requirement:   $400 / performer
  • A fundraiser buy-out option is available if families prefer not to participate in fundraising.
  • Fundraising happens throughout the season.
Bursaries and financial assistance may be available. Please get in touch for more information.

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