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ADT provides performance and creation experiences
for youth in Grades 1-12!

Scholarship Applications

Fall 2022

Connect - Grow - Contribute  

Any dancer intending on joining the youth company for our 2022-2023 Season is eligible to apply for a Scholarship. Applicants must either attend a free Audition Workshop on May 29, 2022 or submit a video audition (contact us for video audition requirements). Scholarship Applications are due August 20, 2022. Successful applicants will be notified by our Meet n' Greet on August 28, 2022. All Scholarships are dependent on the applicant being accepted in the youth company for the 2022-2023 Season. 
This year we are offering the equivalent of 4 Full Program Scholarships. 
Full Program Scholarship - The dancer's tuition, fundraising contribution, and volunteer hours are covered completely. 
Half Program Scholarship - The dancer will receive partial financial assistance towards their tuition, and/or partial to full coverage of their fundraising contribution, and/or partial to full coverage of their volunteer hours.
The Scholarship Application is intended to be filled out by the dancer. The applicant will not be evaluated on grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. but rather: 
- how thorough the application has been completed
- comprehension of the ADT program and it's benefits for the personal growth of the applicant 
- the applicants readiness to participate in the program
- and, the applicants audition 
Dancers can submit their Scholarship Application in writing, by voice memo or through video essay. Please contact Alicia Ward, with any questions or feedback regarding accessibility. 
All applications can be submitted to Jessalyn Britton
by August 20, 2022. 
If you have any questions about whether it's the right time to join Alberta Dance Theatre, please contact us! We'll help you understand what to expect!
We ask that dancers in the ADT program are actively training. The ADT program focuses on performance and creation but taking another dance class will develop the dancer's technique, stamina, and the various skills that will enhance the ADT experience. Actively training in dance could include dancing at a studio, school dance program, or virtual programs. Our dancer’s train all over Calgary. We can provide you a list of dance studios and community partners if you need somewhere to train.

Submission Checklist

  • Register for an Audition Workshop or contact us about submitting a Video Audition

  • Fill out and initial the Scholarship Form 

  • Provide your written statements, video essay or voice memos for the long answer Scholarship questions

  • Deadline: August 20, 2022


Register for an

Audition Workshop

Audition Workshop Date: 

May 29, 2022


ADT's Rich History

We've been producing inspiring and imaginative family entertainment created by youth artists alongside professionals since 1979.

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