COVID-19 Response

Fall 2020

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We are committed to providing a fun, safe environment for our ADT company dancers and families following AHS guidelines and recommendations.

COVID-19 Policies

  • The ADT company will be divided into small rehearsal groupings which will practice social distancing at all times including within choreography. 

  • Rehearsal groups will be separated by studios at DJD and separate floors at cSPACE.

  • Masks will be worn at all times in rehearsal unless during cardiovascular work. Dancers may choose to wear a mask the entire time.

  • Choreographers will be masked any time they need to be closer to 6 feet of the dancers and will maintain social distancing whenever possible. 

  • No physical contact within choreography unless individuals have an already established cohort with a fellow company member OR family member. 

  • Staggered entry and exit times.

  • Hand washing/hand sanitizer upon entrance and exit, before and after break times, when entering and leaving a rehearsal space

  • If a dancer is feeling unwell, they are to stay home and log into the Zoom rehearsal for their group

  • If a choreographer has any COVID-19 symptoms and is still able to lead rehearsal, they will rehearse with the dancers over Zoom with the dancers in their rehearsal space under supervision of another choreographer or the Artistic Directors 

  • Health check-ins will take place upon arrival

The large studios at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks and the high ceiling hallways at cSPACE provide us with excellent HVAC and safe rehearsal conditions. Both of these buildings are run by organizations who have safely considered their COVID-19 response. 

Alberta Dance Theatre will be providing hand sanitizer, a mask, and a mask storage container to each dancer. We will also have hand sanitizer available to each rehearsal group.

Arrival/Dismissal Procedure
  1. ADT families will fill out the TeamSnap Health Check prior to arriving at rehearsal. The Health Check questionnaire opens up 8 hours before the start of a scheduled event on TeamSnap​.

  2. Upon arrival, ADT company members will check in with the volunteer parent and hand sanitize. The volunteer parent will confirm that the TeamSnap Health Check has been filled out.

  3. ADT company members will proceed to their designated studio (DJD) or floor (cSPACE) by using the UP only elevator (DJD) or UP only stairwell (cSPACE).

  4. ADT company members will find their socially distanced spot, placing their ADT provided bag containing their belongings in their spot.

  5. A maximum of two company members will be allowed in the washrooms at a time.

  6. If masks need to be removed for snack or during cardiovascular activity, ADT company members will place their mask in a personal plastic storage container provided in their ADT bag.

  7. ADT company members will hand sanitize/hand wash between each rehearsal and whenever they leave and come back into the rehearsal room/space.

  8. If an ADT company member develops symptoms during a rehearsal, they will be immediately isolated from the group and a phone call will be made home for pick up.

  9. Upon dismissal, ADT company members will hand sanitize/hand wash and exit using the DOWN stairwell (DJD and cSPACE).

  10. If an ADT company member has a confirmed case of COVID-19, they will need to provide a negative test result before resuming in person rehearsals

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