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Each year ADT creates a show based on children’s literature. This year we are presenting The Enchanted Toy Shop! We hope you will join us to celebrate our youth company's hard work this holiday season! 

The Enchanted Toy Shop
November 29 - 30, 2019
Decidedly Jazz Danceworks








Alberta Dance Theatre provides an outstanding and unique program to dancers aged 7-17 in Calgary through an intense 12-week program where dancers engage in a creative process alongside professional dance artists. It is through this educational experience that dancers not only learn to create choreography and gain technical dance training, but also develop skills such as creative problem solving, healthy risk taking, collaboration, and leadership. Essentially, ADT dancers learn about a professional creative process by engaging in one under the mentorship of professional artists.

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About Us

Founded in 1979, ADT is a nonprofit youth dance company that is rooted in the contemporary creative dance experience. The company features up to 45 youth artists ranging in age from 7 to 17 in our annual professional production. ADT Youth Artists are mentored in a creative process to collaboratively create choreography for the show by working alongside professional dance artists in the Calgary dance community. ADT dancers learn about a professional creative process by engaging in one, resulting in an annual original show where choreography, script, music, costumes, props, and lighting design all all crafted specifically for each production.

We hope you enjoyed ADT's 2018 production, The League of Monsters!  
Did you know ADT is 39 years old?
We are back 
November 29 & 30
with our production of 
The Enchanted Toy Shop!

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